Do some good and hear some good. Imagine an immersive experience. Retail. Food. Cashless. Summer. Alcohol. City. Comrades. All Day. 2 Stages, Civic Center Park, Denver. Digital Wallets can store your phone and money, Subject to further releases in April and May 2018 (No need for paper tickets for retail that may be lost and can’t be used next year and your tickets can be issued via blockchain)! Charge your phone without worry with Phone Charge booths will be available for use around the park, password protected by you. Listen to music this Friday, July 13, 2018 by Sound Off Headphones, until 5 pm. Then a full fledged concert from 5pm – 9:45pm. Transitioning back to a sound off concert from 10pm until 1:45 am.

There are several levels of tickets (all options subject to changes).

Free – Gets you into the park. (You still have to register). Access to the park and some grounds, to include Food Row, Drinks and Retail Space. Full Concert at 5pm – 9pm.

$50 – General Admission : Sound Off Headphones allow this level to enjoy a full day concert experience without interruption from start to finish.

$100 – VIP Admission : VIP Entrance, VIP Tent with Dabs and Light Refreshments, VIP Restrooms and the Closest to the action. Included Sound Off Headphones and VIP Restrooms.

$20 – Dab Tent Experience : Light Refreshments and a refuge from the sun. Dab in an air-cooled tent.

Earn a GA or VIP ticket by participating in our community service.  You agree to participate in 2 Cleanups to earn a GA Ticket and 4 Cleanups for a VIP ticket. More Information will be available on this as we approach the concert.

Register here : Concentrate on a new perspective